Small-Scale LNG Bunkering Online Summit

Creating a global distribution network and bridging the LNG adoption gap through Small-Scale LNG Bunkering

LNG Bunkering is undoubtedly growing from strength-to-strength. IMO 2020 has radically altered the marine fuel landscape, alternative marine fuels are yet to deliver the same success as LNG Bunkering, and supply chains are now beginning to diversify. It’s therefore no surprise that the ‘chicken and egg’ theory is starting to fade as the market becomes more unified on driving the decarbonisation and sustainability of the global shipping industry.

Nevertheless, although supply chains are beginning to expand, one of the greatest remaining challenges is still that of limited LNG Bunkering infrastructure, networks and distribution, which is where small-scale LNG Bunkering can offer hope. Whilst its use in heavy-road transport and off-grid power generation is rising, so too is its use as a marine fuel, and with its versatility and reduced CAPEX requirements, it’s easy to understand why this market is forecast to grow from $6.35bn to $10.4bn by 2024. What we are now beginning to see is a growing and diverse set of terminals, ports and shipping companies utilising SSLNG Bunkering as a viable short and long term solution, capable of creating a truly global distribution network for small-scale bunkering.

With health concerns and travel restrictions currently in place, this is an opportunity to turn our attention to SSLNG Bunkering over our online platforms, connecting you with your international peers, all of whom are looking to hear more about the leading insights, market overview and ongoing predictions and technology in this sector. Join us on August 25-26th to find out more about the opportunities and initiatives currently being explored within SSLNG Bunkering.

Small-Scale LNG Bunkering Summit is free to attend for Operators (Ports, Terminals, Shipping Companies, Shipyards and Energy Providers). For Solution Providers and Consultancies, registration is £499.

5 Reasons to Attend
  • Act now to drive the decarbonisation and sustainability of the shipping supply chain through better accessibility, availability and cost effective infrastructure
  • Expand your networks and help close the LNG Supply Gap through fostering new partnerships and integrated networks
  • Gain a global market overview of the existing and future SSLNG Bunkering supply chain to help you plan for what’s ahead
  • Take a deeper look at the growing use of FSRUs to help overcome or prevent concerns with stranded supply and demand
  • Explore which alternative marine fuels could be seen as a long-term replacement for SSLNG and if recent developments demonstrate their commercial viability in the short-to-mid-term

Who should attend? 

    • COOs, CEOs, VPs, Presidents, MD’s
    • LNG Leaders
    • Business Development
    • Maritime Operations Specialist
    • Project Managers
    • LNG Fuel Specialists
    • Fleet Managers
    • Shipping Technical Advisory
    • Marine Efficiency
    • Environmental Managers

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David Adams
Commercial Director | LNG Bunkering Portfolio