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About Us

Oil and Gas IQ is the world's largest community of oil and gas professionals, providing cutting-edge events and thought leadership.

Oil & Gas IQ Audience

Since 2011, Oil & Gas IQ has been driving change in the oil and gas industry with online events, cutting-edge research and reports, and high-quality journalism. Whether you’re interested in networking at our large-scale events at venues across the world, or want to ask experts in a wide variety of fields for their thoughts at one of our latest webinars, then Oil & Gas IQ has you covered.


We run over 100 technical and strategic conferences in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America every year, and provide dozens of exclusive news stories, reports, and whitepapers for our members every year. We also frequently run events online, accessible to our entire global audience.

What sort of content do we produce?

The backbone of Oil & Gas IQ is our content – free articles on the latest developments in the industry, analysis on news stories, a huge dedicated glossary of energy industry terms, and our exclusive and comprehensive whitepapers.

All of our content is completely free and is the result of having worked with dozens of contributors and advisors to bring the oil and gas industry the best and most compelling stories.


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“We see working with Oil & Gas IQ as an essential part of our marketing strategy, and in the weeks following a recent collaboration, we received an increase in site visits and closed a significant deal with a client with whom we had been attempting to engage for a significant amount of time.” Schlumberger

"We’ve worked with Oil & Gas IQ to shape and target webinar campaigns and have been consistently satisfied with their professionalism and support to ensure we are reaching our target audience. The results have always met our expectations and we have enjoyed working with a reliable partner that invests the extra time and effort to make sure our goals are met." Siemens


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So, whether you are a professional looking for support and cutting-edge content, or a commentator on the industry looking to help promote your field, become a member of Oil & Gas IQ today, and join tens of thousands of other experts in the world’s most exciting energy space.

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